Two house development in Wilmslow

The site of Moor Lane is located within the Green Belt of Wilmslow, Cheshire. The proposal is for the demolition of an existing house and erection of two new contemporary dwellings that take full advantage of its setting.

The buildings have been developed to address its adjacent context. The house to the rear is effectivity a two storey building with further accommodation located within the roof space, expressed by a series of dormer windows. The scale of this building is used to provide a bookend to the existing adjacent Tennis Court building, thus screening the unsightly existing structure. The building to the front of the site is effectively a single storey building with further accommodation located within the roof space, expressed with a number of dormer windows.

The scale and location of the proposed buildings have been distributed on the site to provide a clear separation to maximise the openness of the site and views beyond, thus not to have detrimental effect on the characteristics of the Green Belt.

The design is based on a traditional vernacular with modern detailing. The proposed slate roof will draw reference from the adjacent building whilst still providing contemporary detailing. The render/ceramic cladding is used to both break up the visual appearance of the elevations whilst providing a reference to the adjacent white painted brickwork terrace and black painted brickwork plinth. Natural timber entrance doors and open fencing are utilised to soften the overall palette and provide a degree of transparency through the site. The new dwellings incorporate double height spaces and will take full advantage of the views across the surrounding countryside.

Despite the sensitivity of being within the Green Belt, we propose that the development is in accordance with the NPPF (March 2012), on the basis that the site complies with the principles of the redevelopment of a previously developed site in the Green Belt, and is therefore a permissible exception.