Oakfield Avenue

New private house in Liverpool

Sixtwo were commissioned for a new contemporary 4 bedroom house with a large shared social space in the basement that connects into the adjacent property (main family house) and facilities for a full time live-in carer.

The layout of the house is based on a clear diagram with varying degrees of privacy provided from front to back. The front element is effectively a standalone apartment/studio to accommodate a full time carer. The house is then split by the circulation zone (incorporating back of house facilities) with the remaining living accommodation overlooking the rear garden.

The layout of the building aims to maximise the amount of natural daylight within the property. Full height glazing provides views out onto the garden and enables the open plan living, dining, and kitchen area to be flooded with natural daylight. Elsewhere, two courtyards – one sunken and one at the ground level provides intimate outdoor spaces and views out from circulation routes. Landscaped courtyard spaces and low level walls creating planters for landscaping are utilised to soften the aesthetic of the building whilst providing a natural visual connection from the internal spaces.

The building is not attempting a pastiche but it is an architectural design of it’s time (very much like the surrounding buildings) and will add to the richness of the eclectic mix of languages evident within the local vicinity.