Coniston Cricket Club

New clubhouse

The new clubhouse is designed as a single, sculpted object that aligns with the existing dry stone wall at ground floor level. At first floor level, a timber chamfer allows for a cricket scoreboard to be perpendicular to the cricket wickets.

Based on the idea behind a digital alarm clock, the scores are illustrated via red LED’s that ‘glow’ through the overlaid timber façade. The scoreboard is then controlled via an ‘app’ on a smartphone / iPad. The scoreboard, as well as being chamfered to be perfectly square to the playing action, is north facing thus allowing the digital information to be visible. We propose the scoreboard to be powered by photovoltaic panels on the roof.

The new clubhouse is orientated to maximise views towards the cricket pitch and hills beyond. This is further enhanced by the creation of a first floor (roof) terrace to further enhance the enjoyment of the cricket action or scenery (or both!). The terrace is served from the accommodation found within the scoreboard structure.

The clubhouse has been designed to allow for easy adaption into a holiday let, by creating a two bedroom dwelling on the ground floor with a further bedroom/studio within the scoreboard.

Gabion walls are proposed as a modern twist on the dry stone walls which are prevalent in area. As a cost effective, low skill construction solution to stone walls, we propose each member of the community brings a stone (and the occasional cricket ball!) to be placed within the wire cages, providing the community with a sense of ownership.