Luxury apartment development in the conservation area

The proposed development site is located in Bowdon. The site is currently occupied by a non-descript 1970’s single dwelling. The site is located within the Conservation Area and bounded to the east by a grade II listed building that now comprised two dwellings.  The proposal involves the demolition of the existing building and redevelopment of the site with a high quality residential apartment scheme.

The proposed development has been developed to ‘knit’ into the character of the conservation area. The building is not a pastiche copy of the past, but provides a contemporary interpretation of the more significant buildings in the area. The building steps down and reduces it scale to respond to the adjacent building and predominately uses a red brick to lower level areas. A lighter brick picks up on the traditional stone detail evident on neighbouring buildings. The light brick predominately used on the upper floors to both visually reduce the apparent scale of the development whilst ensuring the development does not compete with the listed building.

Large areas of glazing have been proposed to the rear (to maximise views) and to high level on the front elevation to again to try and reduce the apparent massing of the proposed new development.  Low level brick walls and associated planting have been proposed at low level to enhance the mature landscaping already evident on the site and to reduce the apparent massing of the proposal.  Private terraces have been provided to all of the apartments with a large shared garden to the rear. Basement parking has been provided to ensure the development maximises the amount of landscaping to retain the character of the conservation area.