Principal Designers

Conduct the Orchestra

The new role of Building Regulations Principal Designer (BRPD) came into force last month, as defined under the Building Safety Act.

Having recently trained several senior team members at Nick Moss Architects, we are now acting as PD on several new and existing projects, a role we have wholeheartedly embraced.

Unlike the CDM principal designer role which is often carried out by third party consultants, the new Building Regulations role requires a much higher level of demonstrable competence and experience.

There has been some confusion regarding this new role for some clients and even fellow architects, which is not helped by the role having the same title as CDM principal designer, albeit distinctly different duties and regulatory requirements.

BRPD is responsible for ensuring the building work is completed in accordance with the approved design. This also applies to the contractor.

The new regulations go further with High Risk Buildings (HRBs)- buildings over 7 storeys or over 18m, adding ‘dead stops’ at key gateways (or if changes are made), thus adding considerable time to the programme.

This will have knock on effects to both the procurement of the building contract and cash flowing of developments, as detailed design information will need to be produced earlier.

We are passionate about this role as a way to make our built environment safer, to reinvigorate the golden thread which was once the default position from inception to completion. This will enable our experienced, talented architects to ‘conduct the orchestra’ as the best placed member of the team to co-ordinate, collaborate and manage multidisciplinary members for the greater good.