Nick Moss George Clarke

Nick Moss Architects builds on the ethos created at Sixtwo Architects, taking the next step to address the challenges of modern clients.

Shared Risk

We put our money where our mouth is, our evolved Service Model means most of our fees will only be payable on positive results. No matter what the project, we will share the risk with you.

Impeccable Service

Our exemplary service is a given. First-rate quality and everything you would expect from a Practice at the top of its game. We are talented pragmatists who never fail to deliver beyond expectation. As we share risk, we will be fighting your corner every step of the way.

Brilliant Outcomes

Don’t tell, show. Our work speaks for itself. You loving our work is only the first step. We know your target market needs to love it, too. And they will. We can be the ultimate catalyst for your vision.

We understand building is complex. Let’s do it together.

What people have to say...

“One of Manchester’s best and brightest”

“I’m an admirer of both your work and more particularly the spirit that produces it”

“The new is as functional and straightforward as the old and the two co-exist in a clever and respectful composition to form a wonderful workplace”

“This project reveals considerable skill and delight in detailing within a tight budget. There’s an authenticity to the interventions which never jar with the Victorian fabric, giving the building another, equally valid existence”

“We combine cutting edge creativity and commerciality”

“I’m an admirer of your work and more particularly the spirit that produces it”

“Passionate, but coolheaded, creative but with clear tangible benefits, Sixtwo always deliver true to their ethos”

“Head and shoulders above the competition ;-)”

“Nick Moss Architects are the future of Northern Architecture”

People we work with